Traditions & Spirit

鶹APP, our 鶹APP, we’re all for you

IU’s traditions shape our story. Some are beloved parts of our collective history. Some are just a few years old. All remind you that you are part of something amazing.

Whether you need an A on your next exam or just need some good luck, tradition says you’ll get what you need if you shake the hand of the Herman B Wells statue.

What is a Hoosier, anyway?

A Hoosier is not a mascot. It’s not an animal, a bird, or a mythical creature, either. A Hoosier is a proud member of the IU family.

When we need to remind ourselves what that means, we get out our cream and crimson gear or put on our candy-striped pants and go all in to cheer on our athletic teams.

Put up those fists

Make no mistake. We’re serious about school spirit. Freshman students learn the and other basics such as the Fists and Blades during their very first week on campus during the Traditions and Spirit kickoff event.

Secure your Hoosier status in five easy steps

Listing every single IU tradition here would be next to impossible. There are too many to count. But there are a few things that every Hoosier simply must do.

Step 1: Throw yourself into the Welcome Week festivities

If you start at IU as a freshman, you will arrive on campus a full week before classes start. But you still have plenty of “work” to do!

The entire campus strives to make you feel welcome and help you get acclimated to life here. Jump into the activities and by the time your first class starts, you’ll already feel at home.

A large group of students gather around Showalter Fountain during IU's CultureFest.

Once you’ve found a romantic partner you want to spend your life with, kiss them in the Rose Well House at the stroke of midnight. Tradition says that when you do, you’ll be together forever.